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Meet Herbie's Family & Friends!



Herbie is excited to intoduce you to some of his favorite people!


Herbie Vore the Dinosaur

Herbie Vore the Dinosaur is an adorable preschool dinosaur that loves being helpful. Herbie is spreading the word that being helpful is fun! He looks for ways to help his friends and family every day. He even started his own club called Herbie's Helper Club, and he wants YOU to be a member! Herbie loves dancing with his friends and singing songs for his Grandma Martha. 


Little Buddy Mouse

Herbie’s smallest sidekick is named Mouse. Mouse lives in Herbie’s house but has a mouse hole that is his own private hideaway. Mouse can be sneaky and likes to stash food away when no one is looking. Mouse loves to eat fruit and nuts!

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Arlo the Bird

Arlo is Herbie’s groovy feathered friend. He is obsessed with reggae music and being lazy. Arlo stays calm and cool no matter what the situation. His passion is recycling and helping the environment.

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Herbie's Dad Ted

Herbie's dad Ted works in a factory where they build all types of sporting goods. Ted lets Herbie and his friends try out the new jump ropes, bean bag games, and other fun toys.  Herbie loves being active and is always excited when Dad lets him try out the new equipment.

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Herbie's Mom Alice

Herbie's mom Alice is a librarian. She loves books and often brings home stories for Herbie to read about places he would like to visit. She loves to listen to Herbie read every day. Alice believes that reading can take you anywhere, and encourages Herbie and his friends to use their imaginations to travel all around the world. 

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Herbie's Grandma Martha

Grandma Martha loves to bake treats for Herbie and his friends. She is also quite fond of cleaning the house, and Herbie likes helping her with chores. Grandma Martha especially enjoys playing cards with Herbie and his friends!

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Heidi the Mammoth

Heidi is Herbie’s neighbor and good friend. She’s often shy and has a quiet voice, but she’s a great listener and secretly has a beautiful singing voice! Heidi is very artistic and loves to paint. She enjoys painting pictures for her friends!


Coach Alex

Hello there, my name is Coach Alex and I'm here to show you that being active is fun! Are you ready to JUMP UP and go on fun adventures with me and Herbie Vore the Dinosaur? I'm a certified fitness professional and I specialize in youth sports. I also played football in college so I know how important it is to stay healthy and strong. During our journey, keep a close eye on the TV or computer screen-you never know which of Herbie Vore's friends might join us on our adventures!

See you soon on the Herbie's Helper Club show, and remember to Jump Up and keep moving!


Chef Gabby

Hey guys, I’m Gabby and I am an actress, dancer, and health nut. I enjoy reading books and creating easy and fun recipes.  When I was a little girl, my favorite hobby was learning to make healthy snacks, and now I want to teach YOU some of my recipes. My goodies aren't just for kids though, parents and grandparents, you'll love them too! Join me for a yummy treat in "Gabby's Kitchen" after your active adventure on the Herbie's Helper Club show!

P.S. Email me through our contact page if you have an idea for a recipe that I can make on the show! I can't wait to hear from you!


Mr. Justin the Balloon Dude

Hi friends, my name is Justin and my hobby is making balloon art. I've always loved balloons and you know what else I love? WORDS. I'm going to talk to you about one helpful WORD on each Herbie's Helper Club show. It's fun to learn a new word and how you can use it to become a good helper!

Herbie Vore the Dinosaur always wears a cool hat, and I like to wear special neckties! Watch closely to see who (or what) shows up on my necktie! See ya soon!