Welcome to Herbie’s Helper Club!



Be one of Herbie’s Helpers

Herbie and Carnie Vore love to read, and you can join their Club!

  • when you buy a Herbie or Carnie book, we donate a book to a child in need

  • a fun way for kids to help others learn to read!

  • reading rhyming stories to preschoolers is key in developing their memorization and phonics skills.

  • we partner with both the The Urban Child Institute in Memphis to provide books for kids.

  • contact us for more info

    Millions of American children from low-income families grow up without books. The Literacy Project foundation notes that 6 out of 10 households in the U.S. do not buy a single book in a year.

Print YOUR own certificate after you’ve read a Herbie or Carnie book!

Click on the “Contact” button below and email us a pic of you holding your certificate to be featured on Herbie’s Instagram page!