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How can I earn a Herbie's Helper Club certificate?

Do you want to join Herbie's Helper Club? There are so many ways to be a helper, and Herbie wants to encourage you to try some of these cool ideas:

  • make someone a card to tell them how special they are!

  • read a book to a younger friend or sibling

  • grab a friend and do a "Jump Up!" workout with Coach Alex, coming soon to Amazon Prime!

  • pick up and put away a classmate's toys when they are finished with them.

  • give a nice compliment to brighten someone's day

  • give a hug to someone who seems sad

  • play with someone you haven't played with before

  • think of a helpful project for you and your classmates to do together. Be sure and ask your teacher for help!

When your teacher, parent, or caregiver notices that you are being extra helpful and kind, they can print a Herbie's Helper Club certificate out for you to hang on your wall.

*Teachers, Parents and Friends, please give a copy of Herbie's Happy Birthday! to a child today. Herbie is the #1 role model for good character development, and soon he will be promoting physical wellness in conjunction with Coach Alex.*

Click on the Contact button below and tell us how you've been helpful like Herbie. We would love to feature your acts of kindness on our Instagram page! Stay tuned for details about how to join us for the “Herbie’s House” TV show, coming soon!