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Herbie Vore the Dinosaur is a big-hearted and helpful preschool aged dinosaur that loves dancing, singing, and learning to read. Herbie lives with his parents, Ted and Alice, and his Grandma Martha. He collects all types of hats and likes to wear a different hat every day. He even sleeps in a purple night cap! Herbie looks for new ways to learn and have fun every day!

Herbie is excited to share his birthday with you!


Join Herbie and his friends on their adventures as they learn, play, and grow!


Herbie's Happy Birthday!

Herbie's having a birthday, and you're invited!


A special message from Herbie Vore the Dinosaur:

Teachers, Parents and friends! Be one of my grown-up helpers today by spreading my word in your special way. Read to a kid or shelter pet. Then press the contact button and tell us about it - I will share it on Instagram-I'll shout it!

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