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Meet Herbie's Family & Friends!



Welcome to Herbie’s World!


Herbie Vore the Dinosaur

Herbie is a preschool dinosaur that loves learning and having fun with his friends.


Little Buddy Mouse

Mouse lives in a mouse hole in Herbie’s House. Mouse loves to eat fruit and nuts!

Boid (1) - Edited.jpg

Arlo the Bird

Arlo is Herbie’s groovy feathered friend. Arlo’s passion is recycling and helping the environment.

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Grandma Martha

Grandma Martha loves to bake treats and she especially enjoys playing cards with Herbie and his friends!

Mammoth (1).jpg

Heidi the Mammoth

Heidi is Herbie’s neighbor. She’s often shy but she’s a great listener and has a beautiful singing voice!

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Carnie Vore the Dinosaur

Hi friends, my name is Carnie Vore and I’m Herbie’s cousin. I love wearing colorful bows and helping our Grandma with chores!